SISO CEO Summit 2018 Conference Program

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Sunday, April 15, 2018
  1. SISO Executive Women's Forum - Cocktail Reception
    Press Patio
    Networking Reception exclusively for registrants to the 1/2 day program only who are arriving in Las Vegas on Sunday.
Monday, April 16, 2018
  1. SISO Executive Women's Forum Continental Breakfast
    Four Seasons Ballroom - Pre-Function
    Networking light breakfast/coffee exclusively for registrants to the 1/2 day program only.
  2. SISO Executive Women's Forum
    Four Seasons Ballroom - 2nd Floor

    SISO Women are excited to present the second SISO Executive Women’s Forum

    "Future of Jobs” Skills – Discovering What You Need – What We All Need!

    In an increasingly complex world, your success and that of your organization will be largely determined by your ability to navigate nimbly through accelerating change, relying on capabilities often referred to as "soft" skills.  In fact research findings, including the World Economic Forum's "Future of Jobs" report, indicate that the intellectual and technical skills once sufficient to lead in the past are now taking a back seat to abilities such as coordinating with others, complex problem-solving, cognitive flexibility and the full range of emotional intelligence behaviors, among others. 

    This session will introduce you to these findings as well as the latest research on management and leadership. Specifically, we will look at those leadership capabilities deemed critical to women such as confidence, brand, presentation, and resilience.  In a combination of large and small group discussions, you will have an opportunity to identify your development needs in these and other areas and begin to build or strengthen the capabilities you will need."  

    We will leave plenty of time for networking so you can get to know each other better and build even more support around you.

    8:30 am– 9:00 am

    Coffee, breakfast and light touch networking activity, ice breaker

    9:00 am

    Welcome and Introductions – why we’re here and what we want to accomplish
    Presented by: 

    9:15 am– 10:30 am

    Future of Jobs Skills


    – Angela is a C-Suite consultant and the former SVP of Organizational Development for UBM.  She has a track record as a trusted advisor to senior executives as they navigate their careers.  She is also a strategy activator who works with CEOs and senior leadership to unlock the power of their people to drive change and transformation.

    10:30 am

    Coffee Break
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    United Services

    10:45am– 12:00pm

    Making it to the TOP JOB in our Industry – How did Two Women do it in different ways?

     The Legend – 32 Years at Reed and Made it to the Top 
    Hear her inspirational story…
     Nancy is involved in several industry organizations including IAEE and SISO. She is also a contributor to the Trade Show Executive Exposition Forecasting Board. Nancy has been recognized as “One of 25 Women to Know” and one of the “Top 100 Influential Leaders in the Trade Show Industry” by Tradeshow Week. Nancy spent over thirty years at Reed Exhibitions where she rose through the ranks to become President of North America. In this role, she was responsible for the entire B2B and B2C portfolio of over 50 events per year including New York Comicon, JCK, Vision Expo, NHS, and PGA.

    In January of 2018 she started Nancy P. Walsh Xpert Consulting, LLC with the mission to help customers grow their businesses starting with strategy. In her free time, Nancy enjoys exercising, reading, and spending time with her friends and family. She is married with two children and splits her time between Connecticut and South Carolina.

     7 years in and has built a business with tens of millions in revenue – Hear how she did it… 
    Cassandra Farrington heads up the cannabis industry leading daily news website Marijuana Business Daily and its family of content resources for the B2B cannabis marketplace, including the internationally recognized family of MJBizCon conferences. Cassandra started her career in niche publishing at Phillips Business Information, now Access Intelligence. After a series of marketing roles, she earned her MBA from The University of Texas at Austin and spent six years at Citi as a vice president in operational roles. She returned to her B2B publishing roots when she co-founded Anne Holland Ventures Inc, a how-to resource for niche industries.

    Following their business strategy and their guts, Cassandra and her business partner began serving news and information to the newly-emerging medical marijuana markets in 2011. As the cannabis industry has evolved to become the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. economy, Marijuana Business Daily’s family of 3 trade shows have become the must-attend events for serious investors, entrepreneurs, and industry executives. The flagship MJBizCon event has won fastest-growth show honors two years running and is in contention for a three-peat. 

    Moderated by: 

    12:00 pm - 1:00pm Networking and Lunch

    - Separate registration fee of $49.00
    - Only for Attendees already Registered (and qualified) for the CEO Summit

  3. SISO Executive Women's Forum Networking Lunch
    Acacia Ballroom 1 - 2nd Level

    Networking Lunch exclusively for registrants to the 1/2 day program only.

  4. Small Business Roundtable Networking Lunch
    Acacia Ballroom 2 - 2nd Level
    Networking Lunch exclusively for registrants to the 1/2 day program only. 
  5. Small Business Roundtable
    Four Seasons Ballroom - 2nd Floor

    If you’re the owner or CEO of a smaller organizer company with revenues at $10 million or less, then you will want to be part of this unique and intimate meeting. 

    Now in its 4th year, this platform where owners can come together to talk candidly about what works and what doesn’t in a company where resources are extremely limited and personal resources such as a home or retirement accounts are in jeopardy if a show goes bad.It is always great to hear what works for the global giants in our business, but the trade show business is built on the sweat, tears, and creativity of entrepreneurs. So, if it’s your name on the bank guarantee, and you sign the checks, then this event is where you’ll learn and share how it’s done when teams are smaller and dreams are bigger.

    1:00 PM - 
    5:00 PM


    Where does the next great idea come from?  For many of us, we’ve hit it right once on a concept and struggle for the next great idea. Recording artists usually say the 2nd album/disc etc is much harder than the first. Listen to an assembled panel of your peers chat about the hits and the misses and what they’ve learned and what you must do in order to ensure that the hits outnumber the misses. 

    Presented by:


    Marketing 2020
    Trends to follow for success in 2018 and beyond. This session focuses on key marketing insights that work for budgets of all sizes. We’ll cover at least 10 trends for you to capitalize on and see results on your next event.
    Presented by:


    Surviving Volatile Markets
    Energy? Cannabis? Healthcare? Manufacturing? Listen to those of have survived and thrived in markets experiencing dramatic swings. Learn how to put in place safeguards to ensure that the negative swings are managed and the upticks are maximized. 

    Presented by:


    Festival Events
    Is there really anything we can apply to our events?
    Listen to some festival/enthusiast organizers for an engaging discussion about how to apply what works in the festival space into your event.

    Presented by:


    Building Content—Best Practices
    What’s working in content development? Are call for papers dead as an approach? Can content drive revenue without “selling out”? Listen to those with conference led events reveal how to build cutting-edge content on a small budget and to successful use content to sell more effectively. 

    Presented by:


    Planning/Positioning for sale 
    What is your exit strategy? How do you position your event to drive maximum selling price? Is an earn out the way to go? How to control an earn out? This highly interactive session will help you understand the principles to present your event in the most positive light.

    Presented by:




























    - Separate registration fee of $49.00
    - Only for Attendees already Registered (and qualified) for the CEO Summit. Only SISO members whose business generates less than $10 million in Annual Revenues may attend the Small Business Roundtable.


  6. Sponsor / New Member / First-Timer / Buddy Reception
    Palm Lounge
    Invitation Only reception
  7. Opening Reception
    Fountain Terrace
    Sponsored by

  8. Opening Dinner
    Acacia Ballroom
    Around the World Dinner Buffet

    Decor Sponsored by
    Expo Convention Contractors
  9. Opening Night Afterglow
    Press Patio
Tuesday, April 17, 2018
  1. Breakfast
    Acacia Ballroom
    Sponsored by:

  2. Introductions
    Four Seasons Ballroom - 2nd Floor
  3. What's Top of Mind for Major B2B Exhibition Company CEOs?
    Four Seasons Ballroom - 2nd Floor
    Tarsus Group Managing Director Douglas Emslie will moderate a session on what's top of mind with four major B2B company CEOs.  Examining responses from a joint TSNN/SISO survey answered by dozens of for-profit and association leaders in the exhibition industry, the panel will talk through where they are seeing challenges, where they are looking for growth, what they are doing with data, the security situation, attracting and retaining key talent, and how the current geopolitical landscape might be impacting their portfolios, among other hot-button topics.
  4. Networking Break
    Four Seasons Ballroom - Pre-Function
  5. Industry Trends and Performance: A Global View
    Four Seasons Ballroom - 2nd Floor

    Based on jwc’s annual Global Exhibition Industry Survey, Jochen will give a fast paced overview on what’s top of mind for global executives in our industry. He will cover different growth strategies, data management, digital transformation and other top of the mind topics.
    In the second part of his presentation Jochen will review the performance of our industry in key geographies and the performance of the top 40 global exhibition companies.

  6. Examining Direct-To-Consumer Trends in US Retail and the Impact on Tradeshows
    Four Seasons Ballroom - 2nd Floor

    Denzil Rankine to give an executive overview of results of research "Direct-to-Consumer trends in US Retail, and impact on Tradeshows", commissioned by SISO, and to be released at the SISO CEO Summit.

    Then Denzil will Moderate a panel of senior executives from leading show organizers, to discuss the impact of research and future direction.

  7. SISO Annual Business Luncheon
    Acacia Ballroom

    SISO Annual Business Luncheon
    Annual report to Members and the Krakoff Award presentation.

    Sponsored by:

  8. Impact of New Marketing Technologies
    Four Seasons Ballroom - 2nd Floor
    Three case studies will be presented by senior marketing executives who have utilized some of the latest marketing technologies, along with an analysis of the results they have achieved with them.
  9. Highlights of the Inaugural SISO Compensation Survey
    Four Seasons Ballroom - 2nd Floor
    Finding relevant compensation data for our industry has often been a challenge. SISO’s HR Executives Special Interest Group has partnered with Mercer to produce an accurate and comprehensive compensation study that is specifically targeted to the for-profit organizers in the USA.  Hear two of the leaders of this effort review a summary of the initial findings, as well as current trends in corporate culture. 
  10. Las Vegas Night Reception / Dinner
    Rivea Restaurant, Delano Hotel

    Sponsored by:

                      Las Vegas                   

  11. Afterglow Reception
    SkyFall Lounge, Delano Hotel
    Sponsored by:
                         MGM Resorts and Mandalay Bay
Wednesday, April 18, 2018
  1. Breakfast
    Acacia Ballroom

    Sponsored by:



  2. Welcome
    Four Seasons Ballroom - 2nd Floor
  3. Update on M&A Activity
    Four Seasons Ballroom - 2nd Floor
    Brief update on the M&A Activity over the past year.
  4. Current State of M&A
    Four Seasons Ballroom - 2nd Floor
    A panel of industry leaders, discussing the state of the M&A activity in the industry over the past year and looking forward to the expectations for the coming year.
  5. Networking Break
    Four Seasons Ballroom - Pre-Function
  6. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly over the next 10 years
    Four Seasons Ballroom - 2nd Floor
    The pace of change in our industry will not diminish if anything it will increase. We can expect transformation so anticipate now, plan for tomorrow and stay ahead of the curve.
  7. Closing Remarks
    Four Seasons Ballroom - 2nd Floor
  8. Non Golfers Lunch
    Acacia Ballroom
    For those not going to play golf.
  9. SISO Annual Golf Tournament and Lunch
    Spanish Trails Golf Course

    A boxed lunch will be provided at the Spanish Trails Golf Club.

    Sponsored by:
    Meet AC

  10. Cart Racing
    Pole Position
    Cart Racing

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  11. Cocktails and Talk
    Informal networking discussions for those not participating in the social activities.
  12. Closing Dinner Event
    Meet in Hotel Lobby at 6:30 sharp!
  13. Awards, Dessert and Closing Night Afterglow Reception
    Fountain Terrace
Thursday, April 19, 2018
  1. Farewell Breakfast
    Press Patio
    Buffet and to-go breakfast


  • “The impact of SISO is so much bigger than its size. It feels more like a global council of important tribes than a traditional trade association.”
    David Adler, CEO & Founder, Bizbash Media
  • “As busy, independent, for-profit organizer, SISO keeps our company connected to all the key players working in this industry and allows great relationships and ongoing learning of best practices from the best in the business. All invaluable assets to help move our business forward."
    Howard Hauben, CEO, H2 Events
  • “The SISO membership represents the entire for-profit tradeshow community and the annual SISO conferences are must-attend events for their educational and networking value.”
    Joel A. Davis, Founder & CEO, JD Events
  • “SISO connects strategic minds through invaluable networking opportunities and face-to-face executive conferences focused on excellence and inspiration.”
    Dana Teague, Vice President, Informa Global Exhibitions
  • “Participating in SISO puts you on the leading edge of the events world.”
    Charles McCurdy, CEO, Informa Global Exhibitions