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Tell Me A Story

Tell me a story….and win a mini i-pad!

Our Industry is the best kept secret in the world of Media and Business and we need to change that and spread the word, but I need your input.

At every show, you have heard or experienced an event that makes a business succeed. Like 15 year old Madison Robinson from Houston (as featured in Yahoo! news) who came up with the idea for her Flip-Flops with battery-operated lights when she was just 8. Her dad, Dan, a former banker turned t-shirt designer, helped her turn her drawings into a product and get samples made. More than 30 stores placed orders the first time they exhibited at a trade show,  with her “Fish Flops” where she introduced her product.

All of us have stories like that and we all know the benefit of face to face, but we need to widen the net and let the business community know as well. Last year a group of associations led by IAEE secured the services of the nation’s leading PR firm, Edelman, to spread the word through major and local media outlets, but we are constantly in need of content, real experiences from your shows. The campaign is called Click Here First and the public relations team engages regularly with media to discuss the importance and value of face-to-face as part of the marketing mix; the team uses trends, research and current news events to help tell our industry’s story.

Media reporters tell us they would like to hear more specific examples of how face-to-face helps businesses grow, entrepreneurs succeed, and professionals develop. They want to hear about the positive results your shows have experienced or that you have discussed with exhibitors or attendees. Your stories are just what is needed to show media exactly how beneficial face-to-face events are to business.

So, tell me a story and send it to us on line at or to learn more about the entire Click Here First campaign by reaching out to the team at All we need is:

  • Your name and organization, and
  • A brief description of your story

With your help, we can gather stories edit  them and create a collective voice that carries the message to business media, corporate decision-makers and industry influencers. And you will be entered to win an i-Pad mini if your story is the one selected by the ClickHereFirst task force. The award will be for the best story (or group of stories) for each quarter. That way you can enter as many stories as you like, all year long, and every quarter have a chance to win.