SISO CEO Summit 2020 Conference Program

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  • Women's Leadership
Sunday, March 29, 2020
  1. Early Arrivals Networking Reception
    Agave Terrace
    Networking Reception for early arrivals.
Monday, March 30, 2020
  1. SISO Executive Women's Forum, Small Business Roundtable and SISO Board of Directors Lunch
    Lantana South & Deck

    Networking Lunch exclusively for registrants of the two 1/2 day programs and the SISO Board. 

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  2. SISO Small Business Roundtable
    Las Colinas East and West
    Only SISO Members whose business generates less than $10 million in annual revenues may attend the SISO Small Business Roundtable.
  3. SISO Executive Women's Forum

    SISO Women are excited to present the fourth SISO Executive Women's Forum.

    SISO Executive Women's Forum


  4. Networking Break
    Cottonwood Prefunction

    Networking Break exclusively for SISO's Executive Women's Forum and Small Business Roundtable Attendees.
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    United Service Companies


  5. Sponsors, First-Timers & Buddies Reception
    Lantana South & Deck
    For all Sponsors, First-Time Attendees, and their "Buddies."
  6. Opening Reception & Dinner
    Agave Terrace & Pool Deck

    Co-Sponsored by:

    GES SIngapore ECB Singapore ECB

    Décor Sponsored by:

    expo convention contractors

Tuesday, March 31, 2020
  1. Breakfast
    Lantana & Deck
    Buffet breakfast

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    ASM Global
  2. Welcome and Introductions
    Four Seasons Ballroom
  3. Opening Keynote with Stephen Carter, Group Chief Executive of Informa, PLC
    Four Seasons Ballroom

    Under Lord Stephen Carter’s leadership, Informa has become the largest exhibition organizer in the World. Stephen will talk for the first time ever at an industry event about the strategy behind this achievement with the bold acquisitions of Hanley Wood, Penton and the largest transaction in the history of our sector, UBM. He will also discuss where Informa goes next and his views on our industry.

    To be interviewed by Douglas Emslie, Group Managing Director, Tarsus Group

  4. Networking Break
    Ballroom Foyer & Promenade
  5. The Return of the Economist
    Four Seasons Ballroom
    This presentation supplies detailed discussions regarding, global, national, and regional economic performance using the most current data available. Special attention is devoted to certain aspects of economic life, including the performance of financial, labor, real estate, and construction markets.
  6. Trends, Challenges and Opportunities of Hiring Diverse Candidates
    Four Seasons Ballroom
  7. SISO Annual Business Luncheon
    Lantana & Deck

    Annual report to SISO Members.

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  8. Market, Model, Growth: Launching in the New Decade
    Four Seasons Ballroom

    Money20/20, FOAM Expo, MJBizCon, Commercial UAV Expo. They all have one thing in common... all started as launch events. Launching new conferences and trade shows is arguably the most difficult part of the show business but when it’s done well the result defines markets and results in billions of dollars in industry growth. This session will address how organizations are successfully launching events, what models are working, and which new strategies have gained traction. Speakers include executives that are leading their organizations to triple-digit growth and completed exits to some of the industry’s largest show organizers.


  9. Direct to Consumer Trend and its Impact on Marketing and Exhibitions
    Four Seasons Ballroom
    Over recent years, the line between business-to-business and business-to-consumer events has become increasingly blurred. The idea that one must qualify as a buyer in order to attend a tradeshow has been replaced with a less-rigid approach as risk-tolerant show owners experiment with direct-to-consumer models.

    Now several industry experts who have been at the forefront of the trend share how that change has directly impacted marketing and exhibitions, as well as relating stories of the intangible and/or unexpected consequences of their decisions.
  10. The Future of Trade Shows - SISO Research Project
    Four Seasons Ballroom
  11. Impact of the Coronavirus on the Events Industry - Town Hall Discussion
    Four Seasons Ballroom
  12. Reception and Dinner

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    Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

  13. Afterglow Reception
    Lantana South & Deck

    Sponsored by:

    MGM Resorts International

Wednesday, April 01, 2020
  1. Breakfast
    Lantana & Deck
  2. Welcome and Housekeeping
    Four Seasons Ballroom
  3. Multiple Realities - the art of doing the deal
    Four Seasons Ballroom

    “What will the multiple be?” – is often the first questions asked during acquisition discussions. It is a valid and important question, and more so, there are countless opinions about “where the multiple should be.” However, the over emphasis on this singular point can obscure other reasons for doing, or walking away from, a deal.

    In this panel session some of the most experienced deal makers in the event’s world will discuss what’s beyond the math of the multiple. We’ll explore all the factors, including the intangibles, that drive the value of the deal. Through case studies and anecdotes, we’ll share how things like cultural fit, trust, and strategic planning alignment, are every bit as critical in valuation.

  4. Association Partnerships...the Good, the Bad and Sometimes the Ugly!
    Four Seasons Ballroom
    As the availability of privately owned acquisition targets continues to dwindle, focus on association owned events is ever increasing.  This session will examine the opportunities, complexities, challenges, and idiosyncrasies of association partnering and association event acquisition.  Not for the faint of heart, this will be a no holds barred exchange between panelists and moderator, so bring your questions and hang on to your seat.
  5. Networking Break
    Ballroom Foyer & Promenade
  6. Closing Keynote - The Future of Innovation
    Four Seasons Ballroom
    What does it take to transform a company from status quo market contender to forward-thinking and dynamic player of the future? Industry leader and expert George Blankenship looks to the future and explores this question in an engaging and thought-provoking presentation. Widely recognized as the architect of Apple’s brand-building retail strategy, Blankenship formulated and executed one of the most successful retail growth strategies in history by turning the classic engagement model on its head. Most recently, he revolutionized the auto industry by redefining the car-buying experience in his executive role at Tesla Motors. Bringing 30 years of industry experience and invigorating insight, Blankenship shows you how to build your brand based on the unique value that your company provides and how to market and attract new customers. Audience members take away fresh, fascinating ideas and innovative tools for rethinking their role in a competitive environment.
  7. Closing Remarks
    Four Seasons Ballroom
  8. Lunch
    Lantana South & Deck
    Lunch for those not playing golf.
  9. SISO Annual Golf Tournament and Lunch
    The Pro Shop

    A boxed lunch will be provided at The Pro Shop. All golfers must wear shirts with collars and slacks or golf shorts. Denim or blue jeans are not allowed. Golf shoes with non-metal or a spikeless design are preferred. Please note that individuals not conforming to this dress code will not be allowed on the golf course.

    Sponsored by:
    Meet AC

  10. Cart Racing
    K1 Speed

    K1 Cart Racing
    Meet transportation at the main entrance of the hotel beginning at 12:25 pm.  To-Go boxes will be available in the Lantana South and Deck to grab some lunch before boarding transportation.

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  11. Cocktails & Talk
    Agave Pool
    Informal networking discussions for those not participating in social activities.
  12. SISO Tennis Tournament
    Four Seasons Tennis Center
  13. Bocce Ball
    Agave Terrace
  14. Awards Reception & Closing Night Event
    The Terrace
Thursday, April 02, 2020
  1. Farewell Breakfast
    Breakfast buffet and To-Go Boxes.


  • “The impact of SISO is so much bigger than its size. It feels more like a global council of important tribes than a traditional trade association.”
    David Adler, CEO & Founder, Bizbash Media
  • “As busy, independent, for-profit organizer, SISO keeps our company connected to all the key players working in this industry and allows great relationships and ongoing learning of best practices from the best in the business. All invaluable assets to help move our business forward."
    Howard Hauben, CEO, H2 Events
  • “The SISO membership represents the entire for-profit tradeshow community and the annual SISO conferences are must-attend events for their educational and networking value.”
    Joel A. Davis, Founder & CEO, JD Events
  • “SISO connects strategic minds through invaluable networking opportunities and face-to-face executive conferences focused on excellence and inspiration.”
    Dana Teague, Vice President, Informa Global Exhibitions
  • “Participating in SISO puts you on the leading edge of the events world.”
    Charles McCurdy, CEO, Informa Global Exhibitions