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March 31 - April 3, 2025  |  Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa - Austin, TX


SISO Summit

Yarrow Diamond

Yarrow Diamond

SVP, Technology Transformation, Informa Markets, North America Business

As Senior Vice President of Technology Transformation for Informa Markets NAB, I am at the forefront of reimagining our technology landscape. With a focus on driving business transformation, I strategically spearhead the ongoing enhancement of our platforms, including Smart Events, Marketing Media Services, and Data Insights Products. Our end goal? To elevate our client offerings by creating an uninterrupted flow of information that maximizes efficiency and value.

AI in the Workplace

To me, AI is more than a fleeting technology trend; it serves as a transformative force that's pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the business realm. When we infuse AI into our organizational strategies and nurture a culture of ongoing learning, we pave the way for innovation that positions humans at the heart of all progress. As custodians of this era, both business and tech leaders bear the responsibility of championing this shift, steering our organizations towards an AI-driven future rich with potential for growth and unmatched innovation, all while maintaining a human-centric approach in both design and experience.

However, as we embrace emerging technologies, it's paramount to maintain a strong linkage between our business aspirations and technological undertakings. AI, a dominant force transforming industries and operations, holds immense promise. Yet, without judicious application, it carries risks of misalignment, ethical dilemmas, and unforeseen repercussions. At Informa, we're taking measured steps to harness the best of AI:

1. Infuse AI into Organizational Strategy

Every transformative journey begins with a robust strategy. Today, these strategies transcend traditional planning; they are dynamic, agile, and deeply symbiotic with AI. At Informa, we've gone beyond treating AI as an auxiliary tool. We've instituted a cross-divisional committee of Innovators and Influencers to foster collaboration, while still preserving the autonomy of each division to experiment from the ground up. Our vision? To weave AI into the core of our business deliberations. Our first steps include diagnosing operational bottlenecks, pinpointing growth avenues, and anticipating future trajectories, all through AI's insightful lens.

For example, our roadmap includes harnessing AI-driven analytics to refine the event experience for our exhibitors and attendees. By mining data on attendee behaviors, session preferences, and feedback, AI can help us forecast and respond to nascent trends, thereby guiding us in designing forward-thinking event agendas. Our ultimate aim is to not just enhance the event journey but to consistently curate future-ready content for our clientele.

2. Cultivate a Culture of Continuous Learning and Adaptation

Given AI's ever-evolving nature, it's crucial for organizations to stay in a continual state of learning and adaptation. This means investing time and resources in regular training initiatives, workshops, and informational sessions centered around cutting-edge AI tech and its practical

applications. Our focus extends beyond just grasping the tech; it's about understanding its potential to address business challenges within our guiding organizational ethos.

One of our upcoming projects involves deploying AI-enabled chatbots at events. These bots, equipped to offer instant assistance, manage schedules, and even match attendees with similar interests, demand that our event teams fully comprehend the technology's potential and limitations. Many from our AI committee and beyond are spearheading "IM Talks," delving deep into AI's rich history and expansive capabilities. Through this blend of education and hands-on application, we aim to nurture an environment where human creativity harmoniously coexists with technological prowess.