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SISO Update

  • SISO Update

    20 Nov 2020
    Just like everything this year, we’re sure your Thanksgiving plans likely look a little different. Despite that, remember how grateful we are for you, your organizations, and your support for our industry throughout the good and the challenging times. We’re not quite out of the dark days just yet, but with the advancement of vaccines, we maintain more than just hope for resuming more live events with you, one day. And we know, while life is different these days, one cannot discount silver linings

    Happy Thanksgiving, we are thinking of you.  Read More
  • SISO Update

    30 Oct 2020
    Happy (almost) Halloween! It seems like a spooky world we live in these days! While that is true in numbers, we grab hold of good news and positive steps leading forward. Let’s stick together, enjoy some extra candy (if trick-or-treating is limited) and look forward to 2021 that is getting closer to the horizon. Read More
  • SISO Update

    16 Oct 2020
    We’re thrilled to tell you off the top that this SISO Update is packed with encouraging news and many ways to get involved with SISO and our community. Plus, there are new ways to continue to help support our industry and advocate for key causes to help ourselves and our fellow industry peers. Thank you for taking the time to connect, read - and take a listen. Read More
  • SISO Update

    02 Oct 2020

    As we begin to see the seasons shift once again, with the colors of fall (at least here in the U.S), we remember the strength of our industry of live events. We are resilient. Remember that! In this issue, we’re happy to share several important and positive updates with you as well as additional content from SISO and ways to keep you engaged and eager to keep hustling.


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  • SISO Update

    18 Sep 2020

    How are you doing? Are you back in your office? Have you redesigned a new space yet in your “home office” that is now semi-permanent? Whatever your answer, we hope it finds you well and looking ahead.

    Remember, SISO is your network. We’re here to lean on, support you, and provide you with resources, next steps, good news, and the reality of now and what we believe is coming for our industry.

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  • SISO Update

    04 Sep 2020
    Hello, September. For many the start of this month often signals a new year of learning, and that - like most things this year - will look very different. In-person? Hybrid? Fully virtual? An “event” of its own we wait to see how this too unfolds.

    In this new season and new age of continued learning, we continue to evolve and find the next steps we’ll take for both the normal we’re creating as a world and for events. Stay strong, and please...stay connected with SISO. Read More
  • SISO Update

    21 Aug 2020

    We empathize with you in the fact that these past several months have not been easy and that there is still a road ahead to travel before live events return to a truly new normal. Although it has been tough, not all has been bad. Innovations in technology, our industry and many others will have a profound impact on all of us moving forward. That being said, it is important that no matter what, we stand together. We look forward. And, that we travel that road ahead together.


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  • SISO Update

    07 Aug 2020

    How many steps forward? How many steps back? New quarantines - for different state-to-state travel, and more...The pace of change these days is fast, even if it may feel as though we’re barely moving. As the summer heat drags on, do not get discouraged. Our industry and the business of live events will return. We will bounce forward, not just back. Let’s continue to do our part to ensure a strong return, eventually. 


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  • SISO Update

    24 Jul 2020

    As another summer month is drawing to a close, we see more ups and downs around the world. We must remain hopeful and remember that live events have returned in some places and will return for us all, eventually. Until then, get educated, connect with your fellow members, and engage in meaningful discussions that will help your organization and our industry in our evolving new world.  

    Advocacy continues! See updates on how you can help and keep supporting events via Go LIVE Together in a couple of new ways. 

    Read More
  • SISO Update

    14 Jul 2020

    Hello, July! Just like that, we find ourselves in the thick of summer. We recognize depending on what country, or what state in the USA, you’re reading this from may impact your outlook. Some places are faring quite well, while we know others have fallen back down a bit. We offer you recaps, resources, and more. 

    Let’s remain not just hopeful, but do our part in continuing to advocate for the events industry. SISO remains the key supporter for the industry’s Go Live Together Coalition, and we’re sharing more on legislative and advocacy efforts below. 

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  • SISO Update

    26 Jun 2020

    As June comes to a close we recognize that more of you may be reading this email from your office, rather than just your home office. Welcome back! For some of you, it still may be a while before that next phase of reopening. No matter where your business or your country of business may be today, we hope you’ll join us in Texas this August for the SISO Summer Conference (more on that below)!

    We’ve got your biweekly recap of SISO activities, reopenings, coalition advocacy efforts, resources and more - read on.

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  • SISO Update

    12 Jun 2020
    As we welcome summer and the warmer weather, we’re beginning to see the slow, phased return to business around the world. As events industry professionals, we continue to not just hold strong but do our best to advocate for our industry and promote the importance of live events to the global economy. Read More
  • SISO Update

    29 May 2020

    The events industry will prevail and we know we’ll meet together again, one day. In some places around the world we’re already seeing that begin to happen as countries reopen and the new way of operating events is designed.


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  • SISO Update

    15 May 2020

    Our world and the way we conduct business has always been an evolution, but it is undeniable these past few months – as well as the road ahead – will reshape not just our businesses but our everyday lives.

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  • “Without a doubt the most valuable three days of the year for networking, learning, and meeting colleagues.”
    Tony Calanca, Executive Vice President, UBM
  • “Two of the best acquisitions Access Intelligence had executed came directly from contacts and discussions held at the SISO CEO Summit. Beyond that important networking for transactions, I learn best practices from the best in the industry. The ROI for membership is immeasurable.”
    Don Pazour, CEO, Access Intelligence
  • “The impact of SISO is so much bigger than its size. It feels more like a global council of important tribes than a traditional trade association.”
    David Adler, CEO & Founder, Bizbash Media
  • “Our industry thrives on the personal relationships that face-to-face builds, and the CEO Summit is the ultimate place to build YOUR network!”
    Tom Mitchell, President, Messe Dusseldorf North America
  • “As busy, independent, for-profit organizer, SISO keeps our company connected to all the key players working in this industry and allows great relationships and ongoing learning of best practices from the best in the business. All invaluable assets to help move our business forward."
    Howard Hauben, CEO, H2 Events
  • “The SISO membership represents the entire for-profit tradeshow community and the annual SISO conferences are must-attend events for their educational and networking value.”
    Joel A. Davis, Founder & CEO, JD Events
  • “SISO connects strategic minds through invaluable networking opportunities and face-to-face executive conferences focused on excellence and inspiration.”
    Dana Teague, Vice President, Informa Global Exhibitions
  • “Participating in SISO puts you on the leading edge of the events world.”
    Charles McCurdy, CEO, Informa Global Exhibitions