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  • Women's Leadership
Saturday, March 23, 2019
  1. Cascata Pool
    Networking Cocktail Reception for early arrivals into Miami.

Sunday, March 24, 2019
  1. Sabal Room 4-6
    Networking Lunch exclusively for registrants to the 1/2 day programs and SISO Board only.
  2. Garden 1

    Small Business Roundtable Program:

    • Top Issues for Talent & Teams
    • What’s hot and what’s not! 
    • What is working in 2019 for events and what is getting long in the tooth. 
    • Networking Break
    • What does a new launch success look like in 2019
    • How do we compete against the big guys 
    • It’s time! Or is it?
    • What does the SBR want to be when we grow up

    - Only for Attendees already registered (and qualified) for the CEO Summit. Only SISO members whose business generates less than $10 million in annual revenues may attend the SISO Small Business Roundtable.

    - A separate registration fee of $49.00

  3. Garden 2

    SISO Women are excited to present the third SISO Executive Women's Forum.

    1:00 PM - 3:00 PM        Being and “Only” as a senior-level woman at work

    Many senior-level women find themselves in the position of being an “Only”, defined by researchers as, “women who are often or always the only female in the room at work.” In this session of the SISO Executive Women’s Forum, Dr. Anne Litwin will share current research on some challenge's women face when they are an “Only”, the impact on health and well-being that can occur from this dynamic and strategies for overcoming these challenges. In small and large group discussions, participants will have an opportunity to share the best practices they have developed for dealing with being “Onlies” and will consider future actions steps they can take.

    There will be a panel discussion facilitated by Mary Larkin, President - Diversified Communications as part of this session that will focus on participant questions and answers.

    Presented by: Anne Litwin, Ph. D. Consultant, Coach, Trainer, and Author


    3:00 - 3:20 PM        Networking Break

    Sponsored by:
    United Services Companies

    3:20 - 4:00 PM        Being and “Only” as a senior-level woman at work - continues

    Panel discussion facilitated by Mary Larkin as part of this session that will focus on participant questions and answers.

    Moderated by: Mary Larkin, President - Diversified Communications

    4:00 - 5:00 PM        Making it to the top in our industry: How two women did it two different ways

    Hear from Lori Silva, Managing Director - Advanced Manufacturing Group, Informa and Rita Ugianskis, Senior Vice President and General Manager - ASI Show on their rise to the top of their profession.   This panel will be moderated by Mary Larkin, President - Diversified Communications.

    - Only for Attendees already registered (and qualified) for the CEO Summit.
    - A separate registration fee of $49.00

  4. Garden Foyer

    Afternoon Break for attendees of the SISO Executive Women's Forum and the Small Business Roundtable 1/2-day programs only.

    Sponsored by:
    United Services Companies

  5. Veranda 1 & 2
    For All Sponsors, First-Time Attendees and their "Buddies!"
  6. Cascata Pool

    Opening Night Reception
    Sponsored by:
    GES, ONServices, ONPeak


  7. Cascata Pool

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  8. Veranda 1 & 2
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Monday, March 25, 2019
  1. Garden Room
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  2. King Ballroom
  3. King Ballroom
    The legendary, provocative, and always timely James Carville presents his captivating views on American and international politics, spiced with his own unique brand of optimism and humor. This political mastermind and a fixture in U.S. politics shares his thoughts on current events, the Trump Administration, the GOP-controlled Congress, and the challenges facing the major political parties and players. Carville discusses how, beginning in 2006, American political power started shifting between the two parties, with neither party holding onto the reins of leadership for long. The highly partisan atmosphere in Washington and constant power shifts over the last few years have proven that the old rules of politics and power are gone—maybe forever. Why is this happening? Are politicians intentionally dividing the electorate for political gain? Why have things become so partisan? He dissects the extreme political forces shaping the country and shows what trends from the last two decades mean for our political future. Using data derived from the intersection of policy, politics and public opinion, Carville believes the real strength in America is the power of youth and that those wishing to maintain political power ignore this bloc at their own peril.
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  4. Garden Foyer

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    Singapore Singapore ECB


  5. King Ballroom
    Hear the story of three unique and gifted entrepreneurs that didn’t set out to conquer the world but end up conquering the world of events. No PowerPoints, no buzz words, just stories from real people that have built really cool shows and what you can learn from them.
  6. King Ballroom
    The impact of PE over the past decade is undeniable. This panel will pull together top minds from the public traded, PE and private ownership models to debate the positive vs negative impact that Private Equity has had. They will discuss the merits of each model and the impact on the future of our industry.
  7. Garden 1 & 2

    Annual report to Members.
    Sponsored by:

  8. King Ballroom
    Join us for a “Wisdom of the Crowd” town hall session with the best minds in the industry. You!  Learn from battle weary pros who lived through everything from 9/11 to the great recession and from the fresh new generation of disruptors who will benefit and exploit the marketplace. What is the first move to survive? What is the strategic move to prosper long term?  What are the defensive actions to get ahead of the curve?  Be part of virtual simulation exercises that could be the most important session you have ever attended. Be ready to participate!
  9. King Ballroom

    Across the globe, the pace of innovation and disruption is accelerating. Are we as exhibition organizers ready, willing and able to navigate, and ultimately thrive in this rapidly changing world? 

    Industries like manufacturing, banking, and healthcare have invested heavily in organizational transformation and change to survive... the tech community has gone a step further and completely disrupted industries by throwing away the playbook. 

    In this session, we'll explore how other industries have responded to the increasing complexities and challenges of our world today, and look at the key takeaways for our industry. We'll also talk through what it takes to lead and sustain transformational change from within an organization, big or small, to ensure we're meeting the evolving needs of the modern visitor and exhibitor. 

    There's a lot to learn from others, so let's look beyond our industry, climb up on the giant's shoulders and plot our course for success.

  10. King Ballroom
    In his fast-paced session, Jochen will give an overview of the developments in the major global markets, as always tightly linked to important economic and political developments across the world. In his session, Jochen will also review major trends in our industry and look into the future trying to forecast what lies ahead of us and what effects this might have on our business.
  11. Majestic Porte Cochere - South Conference Center
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  12. Majestic Porte Cochere - South Conference Center
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    MGM Resorts International
Tuesday, March 26, 2019
  1. Garden Room
  2. King Ballroom
  3. King Ballroom
    In the last year alone, M&A deal transactions big, small, domestic and international have occurred at a blistering pace. Large companies have grown, even more, mid-size ones have made strategic buys to further expand their portfolios and long-time companies have changed hands. We'll hear how and why some deals were made, talk about those high sky-high multiples and where the market might go next.
  4. With more than 4,000 event technology startups and $6B of venture and private equity capital invested in the category, it's probably time to think about how these event technology solutions could partner, service or compete with traditional event organizers.  Marco Giberti, Vesuvio Ventures Founder and CEO an active early-stage investor and advisor in the event tech industry will present the "event tech state of the union" and have a conversation and Q&A with the audience on this fascinating subject.
  5. Garden Foyer

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  6. King Ballroom
    For every leader unsettled by rampant disruption, unbounded competition, relentless commodification, and the specter of automation, there is a powerful antidote already inside the organization: the untapped audacity, imagination, energy, resourcefulness, curiosity, intuition, artistry, and passion of its people. Those fundamental human qualities are the engine of the creative economy—the source of all value. And yet, too few organizations are designed to unleash, mobilize, and amplify that human edge.
    So, how do you unleash your organization’s full human and creative capacity? How do you amp up your collaborative quotient? How do you turn it into a place where innovation is and every person, everyday job? And how do you boost your impact as innovation leaders—catalysts, architects, and activists—in a world where traditional authority has less and less currency, prescribed career paths are less and less relevant, and conventional companies have less and less competitive power?

    In this talk, Polly will tackle those questions and more. She’ll lay out a migration path for cultivating a culture of contribution, collaboration, and innovation—one where everyone is switched on and connected to each other and to customers. She’ll share a set of strategies: for re-making yourself as a leader with the capacity to inspire and unleash both creativity and accountability; for building forums and mechanisms for involving, equipping, and activating people; for re-designing systems, processes, and practices to make your organization fundamentally more innovation-friendly; and for embedding the mindsets and methods of experimentation into everything you do. The audience will leave with a cheat sheet for sharpening their human edge and building a cultural advantage.
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  7. King Ballroom
  8. Magnolia Courtyard
    For those not going to play golf.
  9. Soffer Course

    Sponsored by:

    Meet AC

    A boxed lunch will be provided on the golf carts.

    Golfers and spectators should at all times dress in a manner appropriate for Turnberry Isle Miami. Denim pants, shorts or shirts of any color, tee shirts, casual sandals, halter-tops, sweatshirts, jogging pants or basketball shorts are NOT appropriate for the Club. Men must have a shirt with a collar, or mock turtleneck. Women may wear a crew neck shirt, T-shirts of any kind are not appropriate. JW Marriott Turnberry Miami is a "Soft Spike Only" facility.

    The golf course is located just beyond Corsairs Kitchen & Bar.

  10. K1 Speed Ft. Lauderdale

    Meet transportation at the main entrance of the hotel beginning at 12:25 pm. To Go lunch boxes will be available at the Magnolia Courtyard to grab some lunch to take with you.

    No sandals or thongs allowed closed toe shoes only.

    Sponsored by:


  11. Marina Tennis Center
    Board the resort shuttle from the hotel's main entrance for transportation to the Marina Tennis Center. 
  12. Corsair Lawn
    Meet on Corsairs Lawn just beyond the Corsairs Kitchen & Bar.
  13. Cascata Pool
    Informal networking for those not participating in the social activities. 
  14. Majestic Porte Cochere - South Conference Center
    Join us for a drink and the sporting event awards.
  15. Majestic Porte Cochere - South Conference Center

    Join us as we depart for the Miami Beach Convention Center for a fun-filled evening! 
    We will begin boarding at 6:30 pm. If you are running late and miss the first departure, there will be continuous shuttles running throughout the night departing from the front entrance of the hotel.

    Hosted by:

    Miami CVB
  16. Miami Beach Convention Center

    Cocktails and dinner will be served.
    Continuous shuttle service back to the JW Marriott Turnberry will be provided throughout the night.

    Hosted by:

    Miami CVB Miami Beach Convention Center  


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Wednesday, March 27, 2019
  1. Veranda 1 & 2
    Buffet and to-go breakfast.



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