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Monday, March 21, 2022
  1. Marchand's

    Networking lunch exclusively for registrants to the two 1/2 day programs, plus the SISO Board.

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  2. Plaza Ballroom

    Now two years into the pandemic, COVID-19 is still causing disruption and challenges. How can small business owners continue to combat the seemingly never-ending barrage of pandemic-related issues? This segment will discuss topics such as: when will a full return to shows/events occur; travel bans/mandates/reluctancy and how they affect attendance as well as staff; and new post-COVID planning timelines/strategies.

    Only SISO Members whose business generates less than $10 million in annual revenues may attend the SISO Small Business Roundtable.

  3. Vinoy Grand Ballroom

    This intro on the main stage will promote introspection, positive psychology, mindfulness and human development.  In order to develop consistent practices we all need reminders of positive mindsets, rituals, and skills that help us actualize potential.  The pressures of life pull us in different directions and now more than ever, we need a wake-up call on how to sharpen our focus and find our motivation. Participants will learn to regulate emotions, master their thinking, influence effectively and improve problem-solving abilities. Attendees will also learn what it means to develop a passion for practice and become the kind of person that embraces the power of rituals with unwavering focus.  Core fundamentals of our focus will include: being present, listening empathetically, staying connected, communicating productively, finding optimism, grounding our energy, and remembering gratitude.

  4. Vinoy Grand Ballroom
    The best way to digest a meaningful talk is to lace up your sneakers, unplug from technology, share perspectives, and allow the power of nature to promote genuine connection.  Leigh will facilitate an intentional conversation IN MOTION, to help people find clarity and identify a course of action beyond the conference. Comfy shoes are a must.
  5. Plaza Ballroom

    Small businesses need new sources of capital and cashflow to stay afloat while events/shows continue to suffer losses and smaller margins.  This segment will share the industry’s ongoing advocacy efforts for the tradeshow industry and opportunities that may be out there for small business owners.

  6. Vinoy Grand Ballroom Foyer
  7. Plaza Ballroom Foyer
  8. Vinoy Grand Ballroom

    Your family, your teammates, and your community are being influenced by you every single day. We’ve all heard the saying “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” and the world needs the best version of you NOW.

    In this workshop, Leigh uses the Socratic method to pose questions that will open your eyes, clarify your mind, and spark a fire in your body to make changes that will lead you to becoming a world-class human being.  This interactive workshop increases self-awareness and highlights the obstacles that keep you from achieving what you truly want.  We will examine how to turn your dynamic energy into deep transformative change for yourself and all those around you.

  9. Plaza Ballroom
    Is the great resignation hurting your business? People are and have been a company’s strongest asset, so how are you rebuilding, retaining, and recruiting?  This segment will discuss topics such as: hiring best practices; hiring tools/sourcing talent; salary averages; remote work culture; vaccine mandates; and what small businesses can do to make themselves attractive to new hires/top talent.
  10. Vinoy Grand Ballroom

    Cancelations then postponements. Delta then Omicron. Layoffs then hiring. Trade show executives have dealt with one crisis after another since Covid. What has worked when managing show teams during a pandemic and what hasn’t? A panel of female leaders from Informa Markets, RX and Diversified Communications USA will share lessons learned on leading transformative change in this evolving and challenging environment. 

  11. Plaza Ballroom

    Love them or hate them, virtual and hybrid events are here to stay. But where are they working, where are they failing, and why? Are they just extra expense, or are there examples where engagement and profit are both high? And finally, how do they fit in with a year round community model. This segment will look at different scenarios and examples of what virtual/hybrid components some companies have in place, as well as profitability measures and best practices. It will also cover the tactics that can leverage the powerful brand and reach of a live event together with the astonishing reach and lead development of the online event formats. Add in some online learning, maybe a certification program, a job board, an online vendor directory, sponsored research, a digital magazine and other elements, and you can become the master of a niche, profitable and impenetrable year round profitable Community. Did we mention the margins on some of these extensions can be even higher than trade shows? Yep, they also develop recurring revenue streams, and they build new momentum and marketing reach for your in person event? And one more benefit (in case you are not convinced yet), year round event communities (done right) create a moat around your valuable assets that competitors can't replicate. So much to be discussed -- don't miss this session!

  12. Vinoy Grand Ballroom

    Cassandra Farrington will be in conversation with Tarsus Group's EVP of Business Development and M&A for North America to talk through how MJBizCon first started and how she helped it become one of the fastest-growing shows in the U.S. With the show's success, Farrington also took the lead in helping navigate the ins and outs of MJBizCon's recent sale to Emerald Expositions. Lastly, we'll hear what she has in store as the incoming chair of SISO in regards to continuing to further more women in leadership positions in our industry.

  13. Plaza Ballroom

    A wrap-up and candid overview of all the program’s discussions and how small business owners can take this information to continue surviving and ultimately thrive again. 

  14. Marchand's
    By invitation only, for all Sponsors, First-Time Attendees and their "Buddies".
  15. Mezzanine
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Tuesday, March 22, 2022
  1. Vinoy Grand Ballroom
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    ASM Global
  2. Palm Court Ballroom
  3. Palm Court Ballroom
    As Q1 comes to close, industry leaders offer insight into the current state of the industry and share their expectations for exhibitions and their companies for Q2 and the rest of 2022. Which Covid changes will ultimately stick and which ones are fading fast? CEOs from the major organizations will discuss how topical issues — like health and safety, changing regulations, The Great Resignation, international and corporate travel restrictions and supply chain disruptions — are impacting exhibitions. Find out what’s working and what opportunities are coming to the surface as exhibitors and attendees return to live experiences.
  4. Palm Court Foyer

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    Singapore        Singapore ECB

  5. Palm Court Ballroom
    Will 2022 usher forth a return to normalcy, or will it represent a continuation of the life-altering circumstances that characterized 2020 and 2021?  This presentation will provide in-depth analysis of the economy's shifts during the pandemic, including supplying industry and household-level detail.  It will then turn toward a forecast for the year to come.
  6. Palm Court Ballroom
    What’s the spring 2022 forecast for Covid-19? What should we expect to see over the coming months? Arm yourself with scientific evidence to make crucial business decisions about staffing, travel and strategy for the coming year. After running hundreds of risk assessments that include detailed projections by city and vaccination rates, Epistemix CEO John Cordier will offer key insights into the latest modeling and research to help organizers better prepare and deliver safe, engaging events even in the midst of Covid. Dig into the latest attendee data and predictive modeling research about in-person business events. from the computational modeling software company that develops simulations to fight disease and inform public health policy.
  7. Palm Court Ballroom
    This high-level industry briefing will cover everything from attendee sentiment to exhibitor intention to the consumer trends that will help predict what’s on the horizon for B2B – as well as tips for operationalizing the insights shared. Curated to highlight the most important data points C-level executives will need to inform planning, budgeting, managing, deal-making and/or marketing, this fast paced, information-rich presentation will provide the perfect foundational level-set for the CEO Summit sessions to follow.
  8. Vinoy Grand Ballroom

    Annual Report to Members and Presentation of SISO's Robert Krakoff Award 

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  9. Palm Court Ballroom
    MJBizCon's SVP Content, Strategy & Audience Engagement, Pam Moore, will share how the brand has been building its own audience database using content then converting those contacts to show attendees.
  10. Palm Court Ballroom
    What are the top political issues for our industry in the coming months? Visas, grant programs, cancelation insurance, tax credits, international travel and quarantine requirements from other countries. How likely are these issues to be addressed? ECA and USTA are leading the charge for our industry in Washington, DC. USTA’s Tori Barnes will provide a State of the Travel Industry, and ECA’s Tommy Goodwin will offer his take on the political possibilities for key policy issues that impact exhibitions.
  11. Palm Court Ballroom
    As borders reopen, find out the latest on global travel and how current restrictions and quarantines are affecting exhibitions. Learn about how the politics of the major regions where SISO members hold events are impacting organizers — and what you can be doing about it.
  12. Palm Court Ballroom
    In November 2021, world leaders met in Glasgow, Scotland at COP26 to present how their countries will achieve the 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 to deliver on the Paris Agreement. At this meeting, the Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge was launched with over 100 first signatories, setting out the events industry’s commitment to play its role in addressing climate change. Find out how you can take part in the movement towards net zero by 2050.
  13. Palm Court Foyer

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  14. Palm Court Ballroom
    A data-driven dive through of the last six months through the eyes of show exhibitors and attendees. How are new models performing? What can we learn from the bounce-back to live and what might we need to do differently to meet changing customer needs and expectations? This session will draw on a wealth of trend data and exclusive cuts of the latest global benchmarks.
  15. Palm Court Ballroom
    In this session, HR execs will share their most creative ideas for managing through The Great Resignation, attracting and retaining diverse top talent, dealing with wage inflation, and developing employee skills sets to meet the needs of our changing industry.
  16. Palm Court Ballroom
  17. Esplanade

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    Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

Wednesday, March 23, 2022
  1. Vinoy Grand Ballroom
  2. Palm Court Ballroom
  3. Palm Court Ballroom
    Besides M&A, small trade show businesses are focused on organic growth through diversification. Since the pandemic, nothing is off the table — management contracts, subscription models, launches, digital initiatives, content, hosted buyers, joint ventures and partnerships. Those who have survived the shutdowns are poised for growth in 2022 if they can capitalize on being small and nimble.
  4. Palm Court Foyer

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  5. Palm Court Ballroom

    Informa Markets Fashion President Kelly Helfman talks about the future for fashion b2b shows moving forward with retail being flipped on its head — expansion beyond wholesale into direct-to-consumer in the Amazon era. She will share how Informa’s brands and events, including COTERIE, MAGIC, PROJECT, are adapting the business model to focus on innovation, changing the value proposition, adjusting to market needs, being customer led and using community to do it.

  6. Palm Court Ballroom
    The M&A market remained subdued in 2021, but activity is picking up again. Where are buyers investing? Which industry sectors and regional markets are the hottest acquisition targets? What are current valuations and multiples? Industry insiders share what they know about current conditions for M&A. Always one of the most riveting panels at SISO CEO Summit!
  7. Palm Court Ballroom
  8. Marchand's
    Lunch for those not playing golf.
  9. Vinoy Golf Club

    Transportation for Golfers begins at 12:25 pm. from the front drive of the hotel. A boxed lunch will be provided at the course.

  10. Cabanas at Paul's Landing
    Informal networking discussions for those not participating in the social activities. Meet at the Cabanas outside of Paul’s Landing – far end towards the marina.
  11. Esplanade

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  12. Vinoy Tennis Courts
  13. Mezzanine
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Thursday, March 24, 2022
  1. Mezzanine
    Breakfast buffet and To-Go boxes available

    Departures for the airport will be from the front drive of the hotel.



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