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2024 SISO Leadership Conference Program

SISO Summer Conference

13 Aug 2024
    • Women's Leadership

    Buffet lunch for those registered to participate in the SISO Women's Leadership Forum.

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    • Women's Leadership


    SISO Women's Leadership

    • Women's Leadership

    What is your brain wired for? Where does your mind go when left to its own devices? Stress, worry, and status quo? Or happiness, joy, even awe? Historically, awe and wonder have seemed to be shrouded in mystery, aligned more with highly unusual or rare occurrences.

    Recent findings highlight that awe is a fundamental human emotion. We are learning that not only do humans naturally experience awe but that we are-in all likelihood-wired to do so. This means we can improve upon and increase the awe in our lives and in the lives of our communities of people we serve to benefit from this growing body of scientific knowledge. The positive effects can be vast both personally and professionally for advancing the causes and strategic objectives of organizations.

    Participating in this session will allow you to:

    •       Explore why wonder mindsets & awe experiences can be transformative

    •       Expand knowledge on how awe improves psychology & physiology

    •       Experience what facilitates shifting from awe-deprived to awe-inspired experiences

    SISO Women's Leadership Forum

    • Women's Leadership

    Hear from show organizers who have activated awe experiences at their shows. How did they know it was successful? What costs were involved? What team resources were needed to execute it?

    SISO Women's Leadership

    • Women's Leadership

    Topics include: How is the work/life/health balance going? What's working with data strategies? How do you drive high-performing teams who work remotely? How is your organization doing with talent development? In the age of AI, how can we ensure that tech integration and development stay human-centered?

    SISO Women's Leadership

  1. In this hybrid session, DEIB champions will discuss how to successfully launch DEIB initiatives and measure their effectiveness. Then, in our break-out workshops, we will dive deeper, focusing on how to make events and events within events more inclusive to meet the evolving needs of eventgoers.

    Workshop 1: Effective strategies to make the event industry more inclusive

    Workshop 2: Effective initiatives to make events more inclusive for eventgoers

  2. The Museum of the American Revolution uncovers and shares compelling stories about the diverse people and complex events that sparked America’s ongoing experiment in liberty, equality, and self-government.

    The newest special exhibition brings to life the stories of individuals from all walks of life who saved George Washington’s tent and fashioned this relic into a symbol of the fragile American republic.

    Buses will depart from the Loews Hotel.

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14 Aug 2024
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  2. Join Ken Holsinger and Kimberly Hardcastle as they explore the powerful influence of macro trends on the events industry. Covering everything from evolving societal norms and consumer behaviors to the shifting economic landscape to political uncertainty, this session will provide valuable insights into how trends will impact attendee expectations, engagement strategies, exhibitor dynamics and more. You’ll walk away with actionable strategies to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing event landscape and keep your event relevant in the short- and long-term.

  3. Event portfolios require refreshing. Jennifer Woods from Questex will share her case study on how she optimized her event portfolio resulting in greater value for all stakeholders and most importantly the attendees.  
  4. In a presentation moderated by Marie Browne from Reed,  listen to industry customers and industry members on the psychographic and data driven reasons why they attend events and choose to work (and stay) in our industry.
  5. Get immediate and practical knowledge via case studies on strategic importance and practical implementation of video content for shows of all sizes and budgets.

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    PHLCVB PCC Aramark


  7. Are great entrepreneurs born or taught?

    What can small business teams do to effectively compete with organizers who are bigger and often better resourced? 

    How can leaders in bigger organizations develop an effective entrepreneurial culture? 


  8. Optimizing Communications Strategies is at the forefront of today's business landscape, and regardless of company size, no employee has ever chastised management for over-communicating. Casey Clemenza of Informa Markets and Beth Cowperthwaite of Emerald will share invaluable strategies for enhancing internal engagement by adopting the same principles used in customer communications. They will delve into the importance of transparency and the impact of over-communication, which, contrary to popular belief, is often welcomed by employees across all levels.

    Casey and Beth will also discuss the benefits of utilizing new communication platforms to foster real-time interaction, community building, and connections within any organization, as well as how adopting new experiences can drive engagement and ensure every employee feels like part of the corporate narrative and culture.


  9. Our industry continues to be operating at a talent deficit due to retirement, career redirection and other factors. Listen to our human resource experts on how to approach talent acquisition, retention and development using the latest and most effective approaches.
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    PHLCVB PCC Aramark


  11. We’ll now get very interactive about the preceding three sessions.  Attendees will have an opportunity to participate in two separate sessions around Small Business, Communications and Talent Acquisition and Development.

  12. The person who responds to every email is in every room with you, making every decision & at every table you sit at is yourself.

    Our digitally hyper-connected world can accelerate anxiety, have us feeling exhausted, & hustle harder to achieve the next ‘thing.’

    This session will revolutionize your awareness and approach to self-leadership through science-backed, tangible microtools that you can use immediately to feel renewed, innovative, and inspired.

    Did you know that when you make micro changes for self-awareness and improvement, those closest to you also have a 65% chance of increasing their optimism?


    Want a sneak peek for some inspiration? Grab the earbuds and listen to Megan’s podcast, Attention To Intention (on all streaming platforms), or visit her website,

  13. Barcade® is the originator of the arcade bar concept and the largest operator of arcade bars in the United States. Barcade locations feature 40 to 75 video games and pinball machines mostly from the classic period of the 1980s as well as 25 to 30 American craft beers on draft. In addition to beer, Barcade locations offer a full bar with craft spirits and cocktails and creative variations on classic pub food. (The food is really good.)

    Within walking distance of the hotel and very casual.

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15 Aug 2024
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    PHLCVB PCC Aramark


  2. Presidents from our event organizers will delve into the multifaceted challenges of leadership in today’s dynamic environment. This session will provide you with a unique opportunity to gain insight from top leaders who are successfully navigating complex topics around change, fostering innovation, effective communication, building inclusive workplaces, and sustainable leadership.

  3. Industry revenue growth is in many ways being matched and exceeded by rising costs. This session will share best practices and cost mitigation strategies for events of all sizes and budgets. This session will be let by Mike Carlucci of Clarion. Based on member feedback and requests, this session is for members only.


  4. Organizers continue to make unrealistic demands on the vendor community. This session will share best practices on how to fulfill organizer needs and deliver quality without breaking the budget.  This session is for the sponsor community only.

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    PHLCVB Pennsylvania Convention Center Aramark


  6. Join us for an insightful panel discussion designed specifically for meeting and event professionals interested in enhancing their sales performance utilizing data. This session will bring together industry leaders to explore three critical areas: Sales Effectiveness, Talent Recruitment and Assessment, and Sales Disciplines. Moderated by Denise Medved, Chief Commercial Officer at Informa Markets, the panel will offer high-level insights into adopting a data-driven approach to sales management.

    1. Sales Effectiveness: Matt Phillp will share strategies for optimizing sales processes and leveraging technology to drive efficiency and effectiveness.
    2. Talent Recruitment and Assessment: This session will explore how to attract, assess, and retain top sales talent in a competitive market.
    3. Sales Disciplines: Tom Myers, will share insights into the methodologies and disciplines that top-performing sales teams employ to consistently meet and exceed their targets.

    What to Expect:

    The session will be followed by two targeted breakout discussions, allowing attendees to delve deeper into topics relevant to their roles:

    • Breakout for Event/Business Leaders: Focused on strategic insights and high-level management of sales functions.
    • Breakout for Sales Professionals: Practical tips and hands-on strategies for those actively involved in day-to-day selling.

    Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, network with your industry peers and learn practical tools to elevate your sales performance and drive success. 


  7. In today’s fast-paced event marketing world, achieving more with less is not only a goal for all organizations but also a necessity.  This session will talk about how to unlock the full potential of your campaigns through data-driven insights and creative ways to uncover new opportunities and inspire innovative strategies on your team. No matter the size of your marketing team, learning to be nimble, agile with data and creativity is proven to elevate your marketing efficiently and ingeniously!

    But don’t just hear from our panel—participate in our roundtable, too, as we invite you into the conversations to share and learn with your peers about your recipes for success!

  8. Sit-down lunch with grab-and-go options available.

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    PHLCVB PCC Aramark


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    Pennsylvania Convention Center


  • “Without a doubt the most valuable three days of the year for networking, learning, and meeting colleagues.”
    Tony Calanca, Executive Vice President, UBM
  • “Two of the best acquisitions Access Intelligence had executed came directly from contacts and discussions held at the SISO CEO Summit. Beyond that important networking for transactions, I learn best practices from the best in the industry. The ROI for membership is immeasurable.”
    Don Pazour, CEO, Access Intelligence
  • “The impact of SISO is so much bigger than its size. It feels more like a global council of important tribes than a traditional trade association.”
    David Adler, CEO & Founder, Bizbash Media
  • “Our industry thrives on the personal relationships that face-to-face builds, and the CEO Summit is the ultimate place to build YOUR network!”
    Tom Mitchell, President, Messe Dusseldorf North America
  • “As busy, independent, for-profit organizer, SISO keeps our company connected to all the key players working in this industry and allows great relationships and ongoing learning of best practices from the best in the business. All invaluable assets to help move our business forward."
    Howard Hauben, CEO, H2 Events
  • “The SISO membership represents the entire for-profit tradeshow community and the annual SISO conferences are must-attend events for their educational and networking value.”
    Joel A. Davis, Founder & CEO, JD Events
  • “SISO connects strategic minds through invaluable networking opportunities and face-to-face executive conferences focused on excellence and inspiration.”
    Dana Teague, Vice President, Informa Global Exhibitions
  • “Participating in SISO puts you on the leading edge of the events world.”
    Charles McCurdy, CEO, Informa Global Exhibitions